London Hornets

Hornets win and go 2-0!

The London Hornets had a convincing victory over the Essex Spartans 48-9 as they went 2-0 to start the season and are still on top of the table after Round 2.

Playing at home, the Hornets got off to a great start with a long Touchdown in the opening drive of the game. In only a matter of minutes the Hornets scored again and went up 16-0.

To the credit of the Spartans, they did not lose composure and started to get their Offense going. This paid off as they scored on a 15 yard run to make it 16-7. On a following drive, the Hornets suffered two fifteen-yard penalties and on the ensuing punt, was able to secure a safety. This closed the first half at 16-9.

After using the second half break to refocus and compose themselves, the Hornets got back on track and started to generate turnovers, leading to points on the board. After putting up two more Touchdowns to get the game to 30-9, the momentum went completely towards the Hornets as on the ensuing kickoff the Spartans fumbled in the end zone which the Hornets recovered to make it 36-9.

After this, yet another turnover was returned for a score. This was then followed up by another kickoff fumble which led to a final Touchdown to make it 48-9.

Though it appears to be a convincing victory, there are still areas that the Hornets need to work on to reach their full potential. Next week they play the London Blitz B who lost by one point against the recently relegated Cambridge Cats and they need to be focused for the entire game to ensure the victory.

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