London Hornets

Hornets go 6-0 with second nail biting win over Cambridge Cats

In yet another nail biting game between the London Hornets and Cambridge Cats, the Hornets edged out the Cats 12-10 to go 6-0 for the season.

The Cats played the Hornets hard and both sides had their defense on show with a scoreless first quarter. Even with an interception by the Hornets they were not able to convert these into points as the Cats shut down their offense.

The second quarter saw some more offensive success with the Hornets kicking a Field Goal to make the score 3-0. This could have been added to but the Hornets missed another long Field Goal chance later in the quarter. Otherwise the defense was again the focus of the quarter as both the Hornets and Cats made 2 interceptions.

In the third quarter the offense made some drives however these only related in 3 points, making the score 6-0, as they could not get the touchdown and again missed another Field Goal.

The fourth quarter really came alive with the Cats scoring a Touchdown, and conversion, to make it 6-7. With just less than 2 minutes left in the quarter the Cats then scored on a Field Goal to make the score 6-10 and put the Hornets undefeated season in doubt. The Hornets offensive then sparked into life with a long drive, ultimately resulting in a Touchdown, and failed 2 point conversion, to make the score 12-10. The Cats, now with under 30 seconds left, started to push down the field and got 10 yards into the Hornets half but could not move into Field Goal range as the Hornets defense again stepped up to close out the victory.

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